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    This is Jason Johnson's new layout Northern Central,  


    Details of the layout are as follows,


    December 8th update
    It’s going to be a 00 gauge layout based on Goole Station (Boothferry Road) around the 90’s before the station building was demolished in 2000, it was originally a NER station.
    The layouts main feature will be the station building itself and 2 main running lines, a third line will give access to sidings and a goods shed.
    Track will be hand build using code 75 rail, Exactoscale parts and wooden sleepers.
    Layout size will be approx 3.6m x 2.3m possible bigger but that’s the room available in the garage. It will made to be exhibited.
    Stock will be 90’s to present day and mainly Northern and Central Trains DMU’s, although Central have never run from Goole.


    Rough track plan and actual plan from 1987, original station building and my version, also some test track prices made up.